Before The Shoot

Q: How do you charge?

A:When you visit our studio, you can select from our range of packages. The package price is all-inclusive, with a set number of photo concepts and items you’ll receive. For more information on our packages, please visit our Packages section.

Q: What is a ‘photo concept’?

A: A photo concept is an idea of how to shoot a scene. We will evaluate who we are shooting, assign a suitable wardrobe, match it to one of our sets and direct poses for each concept.

Q: Can I get another person to join in a photo concept? Will that cost me extra?

A: Yes you can. Because each photo concept is individualised, a change in any of the following persons in the concept, clothing or sets will be considered as a separate photo concept.

Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: You can contact us at, (02) 413.7386 for booking enquiries.

Q: Can I change my appointment?

A: Sure, just let us know at least a week before your appointment date.

Q: Where is your studio?

A: We’re located at 4th Floor Blade Auto Centre 108 Timog Avenue Quezon City. Visit our Contact Us page for directions.

Q: How do I prepare my child for the photoshoot?

A: There’s a few things you can do before the photoshoot: 1.Nap-time: Let your child have plenty of rest before the shoot so he or she will be refreshed for the shoot. 2.Hats & such: We use a lot of accessories to dress up your child for the shoot. Try to get your children used to wearing accessories before the shoot.

Q: What should I bring to the shoot?

A: You should bring along: 1.Clothing: While we provide wardrobe, if you have specific outfits you’d like us to work with, bring them along for the shoot and let us know when you make                                                                your booking. 

                                       2.Toys and food: Favourite nibbles and toys can help us get your child excited during the shoot and pacify him. 

                                       3.Enthusiasm: Nothing gets your child going more than seeing Mommy or Daddy smile!

Q: Will clothing be provided?

A: Yes, we do have a wide range of clothing. But at this moment we do not stock adult and teenage clothing.

Q: Can I designate what my child wears?

A: We’d love your input on what you’d like your child to wear and we’ll match that to a suitable setting.

During The Shoot

Q: How long will the shoot last?

A: A typical shoot at our studio from start to end will not last more than 2 hours. Most of the time will be spent on preparation and selection of photos, so your baby won’t be strained.

Q: How can I help to make the shoot go smoothly?

A: During the shoot, you should: 1.Stay close: Your child will be in a foreign environment with strangers and might feel scared. Stay close to your child as prompted by the photographer to keep them calm and happy. 2.Stay clear: Don’t block the strobes, reflectors and cameras during the shoot for the photos to turn out bright and clear. 3.Stay happy: Children smile more readily when everyone else is doing the same.

After The Shoot

Q: When will I get to see the photos?

A: You will be presented with the photos immediately after the shoot for viewing. We will give you the soft copies in CD right after the shoot.

Q: What if my child didn’t smile throughout the shoot?

A: That’s fine. Varied expressions will make for a more interesting album or sequential frame.

Q: How long will it take before I get my albums/frames/prints?

A: It will take 4-8 weeks, depending on which package you select, as we send our photos to Korea for production.